My Story

I have been creating bronze fine art sculpture for over forty years. Wyoming, and more recently Colorado, have been my home for all of those years. I began my career working in the foundry business. It didn't take me long to begin creating and casting my own sculpture.

Our Approach

My Approach

The history, wildlife, and people of the west have provided the inspiration for much of my artwork. Hard work, diligence, and advice from mentors along with a few shares of frustration have paid off. I have sixty limited editions of sculpture on the market ranging from smaller pieces appropriate for display in homes all the way to life-size and larger outdoor pieces. The themes of my sculpture range from American and African wildlife, children, American west historical figures, biblical people and war-memorials. I do self-inspired as well as commissioned pieces. I continue to run my own foundry, but now cast my own work exclusively. My artwork and my life continue to shape and hone each other.


Our Story